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Fundamentals of Experimental Molecular Biology


Welcome to 7.002 Spring 2024 Fundamentals of Experimental Molecular Biology!

Subject description

7.002 is a laboratory course that teaches fundamental skills for performing biological research. Our focus is on helping you integrate factual knowledge with an understanding of experimental design and data analysis.

Throughout the term, you will study an E. coli bacterial ATPase called ClpX. ClpX forms a hexameric ring (displayed below) that unfolds other proteins by pulling them through the pore of the ring using energy from ATP hydrolysis. Your specific experimental goal will be to characterize the ClpX residues that are important for ATP hydrolysis. You will mutate the clpX gene, express and purify mutant ClpX, and assess the ATPase activity of your mutant ClpX relative to wildtype ClpX. Through online recitations and daily lab questions, you will dive deeply into the concepts behind your laboratory experiments.

In addition to working in the laboratory, our class will meet with various guest professors each week. These meetings will allow you to directly engage with professors from various biology subdisciplines, walk through current research problems at MIT, and ask questions about careers in research.

Course Information

No prerequisites
Satisfies 6 units of Institute Laboratory credit
Enrollment limited

Course Meetings

Monday Discussions 1:00PM-2:30PM in 45-230.
Wednesday or Friday Labs 1:00PM-4:30PM (68-074) *First class starts on February 7th (Wednesday) or February 9th (Friday), depending on your schedule.

Course Staff

Instructor Eric Chu
Instructor Vanessa Cheung