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Quantum Technology and Devices


About This Course

Quantum engineering exploits the unique features of quantum theory to generate technologies with capabilities beyond any classical device. The course will introduce fundamental concepts in applied quantum mechanics, tools and applications of quantum technology, with a focus on quantum information processing beyond quantum computation. Practical examples of quantum devices and experimental platforms will be drawn from active research in academia and industry.

The goal of the subject is to provide an understanding of the practical tools available to the quantum engineer, the challenges, and the potential applications, now and in the future. The subject will be organized around 3 themes: Fundamentals, Tools and Applications, Devices and Hardware (see syllabus). The material will be presented integrating topics of the 3 themes as needed. For example, we will discuss the effects of noise (decoherence), describe how the noise can be characterized (quantum sensing), and what physical systems can be used for this task (e.g., spin impurities).


Some prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is expected, including simple qubit (2-level systems) operation and interaction of the e.m. field with qubits. Background material will be provided but not presented at length in class. Knowledge and familiarity with the material will be built through online problem sets with immediate feedback and homework on IBM cloud quantum computer.

Course Staff

Paola Cappellaro

Prof. Paola Cappellaro

Office: 26-303 (office hours by email appointment only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, I will provide lecture notes.

Will this course cover quantum computation?

Given that there are already quantum computation courses offered at MIT, the subject will not cover (besides mentions) this important application of quantum engineering. However, tools, fundamentals, and devices discussed in class are relevant to quantum computation.

Is there an exam?

No, there will be a final project/presentation and homework on MITx and Qiskit.

  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

    Spring 2024
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  4. Estimated Effort

    12 credits
  5. Requirements